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Scarborough Mirror previews WRESTLESTOCK
March 7, 2014

Original article by Mirror reporter Ali Raza:

Wrestlestock hits Scarborough’s Rockpile club on Sunday afternoon

The Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers presents its biggest event of the year, Wrestlestock. The event is promoted by Scarborough-raised East York wrestler Anthony Ruttgaizer, known by his wrestling name, Kingdom James.

Wrestlestock will take place at Scarborough’s Rockpile East Nightclub on Sunday, March 9.

The main event includes Union champion Ethan Page defending his title against ‘Dirty South’ John Greed. Ruttgaizer, who has been a professional wrestler since 1995, said his interest in the sport was sparked growing up in Scarborough.

“I got into wrestling when I was living at Finch and Warden,” Ruttgaizer said. “A couple of my friends were into it and got me involved. I have a friend who describes it as a live cartoon.”

Cartoons, comic books and even Shakespearean plays are art forms that wrestling reflects, said Ruttgaizer.

To him, wrestling is a complete performance art.

“The original Shakespeare performances in England were done in the round,” Ruttgaizer said. “They were loud and performed for a raucous crowd. I know the comparison will seem odd to some people, but it’s always reminded me of that. It’s like a stage play with a lot of live action in front of the crowd. It’s perfect when it’s done right.”

Since his foray into wrestling, Ruttgaizer has taken part in many events and now promotes and organizes them. Wrestlestock is the Union’s third show in Scarborough.

The Union started in Toronto in 2007 and has been a means for local wrestling talent to present their skills. Several wrestlers have made their way to the WWE and other large wresting groups.

“You don’t run this level of professional wrestling because you’re looking to get rich quick,” Ruttgaizer said.

“I run it because I love the sport, I love the business and I love these guys performing. I want to give them a place to work, grow and get better to move up in the industry.”

Several wrestlers from across Canada and the United States participate in Union events. Though some wrestlers bill themselves as having different origins, Wrestlestock boasts an all-Canadian roster.

“Right now we’re focusing more on a local roster,” Ruttgaizer said. “It’s more of a homegrown thing this time around for us. It’s back to the business of running shows and providing entertainment on the local level.”

Kingdom James (Ruttgaizer) will take on “Staten Island Strangler” Eddie Sapalucci among other matches at this Sunday’s event.

Doors open at 3:30 p.m. with the first match starting at 4 p.m. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Advance tickets are available at Silver Snail Comics at 329 Yonge St., Rockpile East Nightclub at 2787A Eglinton Ave. E., and online at

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